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August 28, 2008



I didn't know you were stopping at Aruba! lol That wind in your face never stops! Interesting piece of real estate....beautiful sand beaches on one side and volcanic debris and sand on the other! Too cool!

Cindy W.

I have always wanted to go to sounds heavenly...Have fun in Castaway Cay..and stay away from Gustav..sounds like he's a nasty fellow...I will be in AZ in just 2 days..YIPPEE...


Well, my Bob would love all that seafood! I just love the chocolate seashell! hehe...
miss you!
l, teri

Susan L. in Florida

Hey Shannon! Glad you're loving Aruba. We went there back in 1999 and loved it, too. Brought back a very special "souvenir". We rescued a dog who was near death on Palm Beach. Of course, named her Aruba! (her pic is on the sidebar of my blog,, she's wearing the bandana)

See you SOON at CE!

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