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August 20, 2008



Shannon, you are soooo selling me on this trip!! I'm going to print out all of your blog entries so my husband will read them. What a blast and such a great variety of activities! TFS!! keely


So glad you're having a great time, Shannon! Enjoy every minute!

Michelle Aguilar

glad your having a great time shannon. Good for you and I hope you enjoyed the massage, I had 3 of them in my lifetime on a good deal, so I hope you love it. Makes your body feel ever so good.

take care


SO glad you are enjoying yourself. Ron Pearson was on our cruise and it was amazing to watch him do the whole ladder thing. I so wish we would have done room service and the whole cookies and milk thing. Guess I better start saving so I can take your adventures and add them. Have a fabulous day!



Oh girlie...sounds like you are having a blast!
miss you tho; and tiff is ok! :) loved hearing about the dolphins. there is no one like jeff dunham, but enjoy your comedian...i'm sure he will be great! hugs, teri

Lisa M

Shannon, glad you are having a good time. I can't believe you don't belong to DVC. I bought into that before my first house. Of course I do live kinda close to WDW. Have fun, see you in less than 2 weeks.

Cindy Weiffenbach

Enjoy your massages tomorrow...nothing like being pampered....Your cruise sounds just heavenly...glad you are resting up for the big event in just 13 days!!!! Miss you :)

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