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August 12, 2007



Thanks so much for posting the pics, Shannon. It looks like you and Ardeth were pretty busy with these! I can't wait to see both the rolodex swapp and the charm swapp IRL. Just seeing the pictures makes me glad that I joined in all of the ones that I did. Can't wait to meet both of you.


Oh My HECK! This is going to be soooooooooooo great! : )

Thanks so much for posting these pix!


Kristin Bruno

Oh my goodness.. Looks like alot of work.. Thank you so much for doing this for us.. I can not take all that pink and green!!


Wow Shannon.

The bracelet came out so awesome! I love it.

Elsa Duff

OMGosh! Those looks so awesome!!! THank you so much for your time to do this swapp.


WOW WOW WOW you girls were busy now I am super excited about seeing all the charms in person


They look awesome! Can't wait to get mine & to see you!

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